Booking conditions

Here we have collected the booking rules that apply to a group booking of one of Örebro Castle’s viewing concepts.


As many activities take place in the castle and as the castle’s guides are not permanent employees but work per assignment, a booking cannot be guaranteed until it is confirmed.

Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of specific rooms, this may change from showing to showing. Other activities may take place in other parts of the castle at the same time as the show is in progress.

During weeks 26–32, it is not possible to pre-book viewings during regular opening hours. Groups are offered to pay entrance (group discount available) and can then visit the castle on their own. However, viewings can be booked before and after closing time.


For booked and confirmed tours, 300 kr is debited for cancellation. A cancellation must be made at the latest seven days before the booked viewing, otherwise the full price is debited. Cancellation must be made no later than seven days before the viewing, otherwise the full price will be charged.


If rebooking takes place after the confirmed booking, a rebooking fee of 300 kr is taken. A rebooking is counted as a change of date, time, concept and number of people if it means a change in the number of guides required. Notification of the number of participants must be done at the latest three days before the viewing. as long as the number does not affect the number of guides there will be no rebooking fee.

Late or no-show

In the case of late arrival, the guide will wait for the group for 30 minutes. The length of tour will be reduced accordingly, so the finish time will be the same. If, despite the late arrival, the whole tour is wished for, there will be a cost for each extra hour begun. This cannot however be guaranteed, but will happen if it is possible in agreement with the guide. If the group has not arrived after 30 minutes the tour will be cancelled and the total amount debited.

Interrupted viewing

The guide always has the right to discontinue a tour if the whole or a part of the group behaves in a way that has a negative effect on the proceedings or that opposes Örebrokompaniets values. In the case of a discontinued viewing the full price will be debited.


Payment can be made with a bankcard or Swish in the Castle Shop at the time of the tour. If invoicing is required, there will be an invoicing fee of 50 kr. Invoicing is not done for private individuals or companies registered in countries other than Sweden.