A historic viewing

Here you will find out all about how the castle was created, which kings have been here and one or two captivating prisoner stories.

This is an activity much appreciated by coach tourists, staff outings, corporation guests or large private groups who want to have an interesting and fun time together, and at the same time learn a little about the castle’s history. Naturally the viewing tends to vary a little depending on which halls and rooms are free when the viewing is booked.

Good to know!

90 kr per person, minimum 1600 kr
Evenings (after 17.00) and weekends:
110 kr per person, minimum 1900 kr
Prices are exclusive of VAT 6 %

Vasa summer at Örebro Castle

6 June – 17 Sep
Included in the entrance ticket
In 2023, it will be 500 years since Gustav Vasa was elected king of Sweden. On the anniversary itself, June 6, we inaugurate Gustav Vasa speaks from his beard, an exhibition about power in the castle.
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This summer
at the castle!
Rund symbol med Örebro slotts mönster.

Ikoner (Icons) – photographs by Larsåke Thuresson

7 Oct – 4 Feb
Separate exhibition
After being hidden from the public for many years, the image treasure has now become the “Ikoner” exhibition. This autumn, this fantastic piece of pop history is coming to Örebro Castle.
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Rund symbol med Örebro slotts mönster.


28 okt–5 nov
Flera olika biljetter
Spökstaden är tillbaka. Under höstlovet fylls slottet med rysligheter och roligheter. Välkommen till Spökstaden på Örebro slott – om du vågar.
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Rund symbol med Örebro slotts mönster.

Laban the Little Ghost

26 June – 13 Aug
Included in the entrance ticket
The little ghost Laban and his family and friends have moved into the castle. During different times of the year you can meet him at many different activities!
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