Laban the Little Ghost

In the basement of  Gomorronsols castle, a little ghost grew up together with his mother and father, his sister Labolina, his best friend Little Prince Mischief and the dog Rufus. The little ghost was called Laban.

Nowadays Laban lives with family and friends in Örebro Castle where they get up to mischief and adventure. And do you know what? You can join in! During the year you will be able to meet Laban and his friends around the castle.

Good to know!

26 June – 13 August
At 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00
Included in the entrance ticket
The children’s tower at the castle

Meet Laban or play in his tower

All year around you can meet Laban the Little Ghost and his friends at the castle and join in with his antics. Above all we arrange Laban Activities at the castle during the summer and school holidays.

In the north west tower where Laban lives, children can try different castle activities. Children can dress up here, visit Laban the Little Ghost at home, try out a crossbow and hobby horse jumping. The north west tower is primarily open during the summer.

Tre Sandberg

In partnership with the award-winning authors

The acclaimed and award-winning couple Inger and Lasse Sandberg created many classic children’s books together. Tales of Lilla Anna, Thumbkin and not least Laban the Little Ghost. It is not an exaggeration that today they are regarded as one of the great author pairs of our time. Today the family business manages this treasure and makes it more accessible in partnership with Örebro Castle.