Explore the castle!

For over 700 years, royalty, tyrants, saviors, thieves and charmers have left traces and stories at Örebro castle. And now it’s your turn to leave yours! Come in to discover stories of a bygone era, captivating tours, popular history exhibitions and festive activities. Things happen here all year round, we can promise you that.

Visitor information

Opening hours Sunday 3 December: Hämtar tider…
Kansligatan 1, find here!
You can buy your tickets at the Castle Shop in the entrance of the castle.

Attractions for young and old

When the castle was built around 1300, it may not have been a great place for children. It wasn’t super hot for the next 650 years either, to be honest. But now there is a difference!

The castle is open all year round and the price of admission always includes activities for children in the form of exciting quests, games and other fun for our little royals. During the holidays, Örebro Castle has extra activities for children.

And we adults should have our fair share of fun too, right? Exhibitions. Guided tours. Drop-in visas. Historical dinners. Galas. Conferences. Feast. There is a lot going on in the public areas of the castle. Check out what’s happening right now and don’t miss the holiday ghost walks, witch walks or children’s challenges for the whole family.

Accessibility at Örebro Castle

Some parts of the castle are still more accessible than others but we are working on it. To make things as easy as possible, a companion, assistant, interpreter or guide dog is always welcome free of charge. However, this only applies to guide dogs, our other four-legged friends have to wait outside. A disabled toilet is located outside the Castle Shop on level 1 in the southwest tower and is accessible by elevator.

Hearing loss

If you would like a guided tour in sign language, please contact us and pre-book your tour. At present, the castle has no hearing loops. If you need hearing amplification during guided tours, please notify the Castle Shop. The guide has a transmitter microphone and you have a receiver that connects to your hearing aid’s telecoil. If you do not have a hearing aid, you can use sound amplification through headphones instead. The equipment is available at the castle during the summer.


Strollers can be parked on the south terrace, just outside the castle’s public entrance. However, due to evacuation reasons, it is not allowed to bring the stroller into the castle.


Smoking is prohibited throughout the castle grounds.

Stairs and lifts

In the southwest tower is the castle’s elevator that goes to the Castle Shop on level 1, the Örebro County Museum on level 2 and the Church Hall, the National Hall and the County Hall on level 3. Other public areas are accessed by stairs.

Handicapped parking

Disabled parking is available at the beginning of Kansligatan, about 50 meters from our public entrance in the southwest tower. Find the parking lot here!

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